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At Edgemont our commitment to you is simple. We want YOU to be HAPPY with the services we provide. Our goal is that you feel good about hiring us to protect your investment and help keep your motor vehicle safe, reliable and performing well. With a crew of veteran automotive technicians we've pretty much seen (and heard) everything. Hearing a strange sound? Let us take a listen! Don't let small annoyances become bigger problems. And while your here sign up for Edgemont Maintenance Plus. We can help you stay on top of fluid and coolant changes, keep your car ready for next season and protect your automotive investments.

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Repair Services

Is your car behaving oddly? Not running at all? Let the experts at Edgemont Automotive take a look.



The key to safe, reliable, transportation also saves you a lot of money over time. Avoiding heavy repairs while keeping your vehicle on the road. How about a maintenance shop that knows YOU and knows YOUR vehicle?

Let Edgemont help you save time money and effort on your car.

Who we are...

Hello, I'm Lou Matteo and I'm the owner and on site manager at Edgemont Automotive Service. I'm eager to get to know you and how I can help you manage your cars, trucks or fleets. Make getting around a little easier on everyone.