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Nothing is more important to us than pleasing customers...

The heart and soul of what we do is earn your business, your repeat business and your referrals. Thank you for letting us help keep your vehicles safe and running well. We're with you every mile.

Great People...

We’ve used Edgemont Auto for our personal and commercial vehicles for many years. They are friendly knowledgeable and reasonably priced. I recommend them to others whenever I can. Unlike big repair centers where they try and up-sell you as part of their business model, Edgemont is more interested in establishing a long-term relationship with their customers. Rich, Lou and Joel are great people to do business with, so I would give them a call if you need automotive services.

Steve C. - Atlas Electrostatic Refinishing Inc.

West Chester, PA

...cannot be topped.

I guess I should not be surprised to your prompt response, “where are you, Rich is on his way”. Your service to your customers cannot be topped. Thank you as a company and to Rich, who would not accept a tip.

You were recommended by a friend. We have told others about your good service and love hearing they are happy too. I just left my friends house, who we recommended she is also pleased and has thanked us many times.

Alice S. - Newtown Square, PA

11 Year Customer...

I have been a customer of Edgemont Automotive for 11 years. Lou, Joel and Richie have earned my complete trust, respect and gratitude.

They could have easily taken advantage of my ignorance of cars to gouge me, as so many previous mechanics have. Instead your men have found ways to keep my 17 year old car going strong.

I always thank them, but I doubt if they realize how grateful I am. You are truly blessed to have each of them working for you.

Elizabeth G. - Downingtown, PA

Exceptional Customer Service

Better late than never, I wanted to (finally) thank you all for being there to take care of all our cars over the years, but especially for your work on the Rav4 over the holidays last year. I really appreciated you taking it on with very short notice (when you were already very busy) and making it roadworthy as soon as possible.

Your flexibility in dropping off the car and/or delivering me to places when I didn’t have the car was also extremely helpful during a very stressful time. It has always been a pleasure to deal with all of you-your care for the cars has been excellent, but it is your cheerful attitudes and exceptional customer service that make it great experience every time

Thank You,

Kirsty B. - Newtown square

You Guys Rock!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to look over the Tahoe before we purchased it.

We truly appreciate it! YOU GUYS ROCK!!

Thanks again

Kristen H. - Newtown Square, PA

Best auto service ever...

Best auto service group I have ever been to. They build long term relationships through treating us the way they would want someone to treat them. I truly mean this.

Paul E.

Talent and Service

I do not even know where to begin this letter. To give you some background, my parents started bringing their cars to Edgemont Automotive 20 years ago. Since then our family has grown and we still continue to bring our cars to Edgemont. The reason we have continued to bring our cars to Edgemont is because of the outstanding and excellent service that your employees, specifically, Lou, Rich and Joel have provided to myself, my family and my friends.

What bring me to write this letter now after all these years, is what Lou and Rich have done for me in the past few weeks. I recently brought my car to Edgemont after I called the shop in the middle of the day when my car started making a strange noise. Lou, Rich and Joel called me back within thirty minutes of dropping off my car the same day, to let me know the transmission was going bad on my Lexus that only had 60,000 miles on it. Rich quickly reminded me that my car was still under warranty, so I would just need to bring back to the dealer to have it replaced.

I then brought my car to Koons’ Lexus dealership who, at first, told me that they could not find anything wrong with my car. After talking with the parts and service manager and informing him that my mechanic had informed me that the transmission was going, the manager quickly replied that a “General Mechanic” would not be able to diagnose what is wrong with a car like “A Specialized Lexus Mechanic” would. I called Rich and Lou to tell them that the Lexus manager could not find anything wrong with the car. Rich and Lou went out of their way to call the dealership for me and discuss with them what they had found wrong to determine that in fact that it was my transmission. It was not until they had talked to the service manager that Lexus agreed to replace my transmission. This was not the first time that Lou, Rich and Joel diagnosed a problem for me that Koons’ was unable to diagnose correctly.

This past week, I went to pick up my car from the dealership. I called Edgemont on my way back from Wilmington, DE to let them know that I picked up my car, as Rich wanted me to bring it to the shop to have them check it out. As I was on the phone with Rich and driving down Baltimore Pike, my car started to shake because it kept shifting from drive to neutral. Rich advise me to pull over immediately and call the Lexus dealer. After speaking with Lexus I called back to Edgemont and Lou talked me through how to check the transmission fluid in my car and to see if they actually put in a new transmission. Lou actually had me take a picture of the transmission and send it to him to see if Lexus actually replaced it. 

I felt that it was important to bring to your attention the talent and level of quality service your employees possess and the rapport that they build with their clientele. I have never in my life had customer service like I have received at Edgemont. The guys truly go above and beyond for their customers! I recommend Edgemont to everyone I know in the area and everyone who has gone their has received exceptional service as well.

Thank you for everything your employees have done for my family and me!

Amanda G. - Glen Mill, PA

All You Do...

 Thanks for your kind and generous help last week. Thanks to all of you there for all you do!

Barb N. - Newtown Square, PA

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General Information

Edgemont Automotive has been serving customers, businesses and farms in Delaware and Chester counties since 1985. Located at 5040 West Chester Pike in Edgemont (adjacent to the Edgemont post office). We are a family owned and operated business that employs A.S.E. certified technicians that understand that customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are proud of the reputation we have built over the years of providing honest, quality repairs at reasonable rates in a timely manner.  We provide Vehicle Service and Maintenance for individuals and have packages for fleet managers as well. Please contact us if we can help you manage your cars and trucks or learn about who we are right here.