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Maintenance: Better Performance, More Savings...

One place where Edgemont Automotive Service shines is our maintenance programs. Can’t remember what service you have had performed in the past?  Don’t pay for the same service twice! Stop in or give us a call. We only need a couple pieces of information to get started. Once entered into our system, we will then access the CARFAX maintenance data base to review your vehicles reported maintenance records and provide an estimate for services due according to your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Then we can perform a complete multi-point safety inspection to help avoid problems and keep your vehicles running better for much longer. This approach saves you time, money and helps avoids headaches because NOBODY wants a breakdown.


Deep inside your cars engine (and other working parts) are fluids and filters that protect themselves from wear and tear. If these fluids and filters aren't inspected and changed per factory specifications you can cause costly and sometimes permanent damage to. your cars working parts. Why let that happen when Edgemont Can Help?


Fluids… Conventional or Synthetic Oil? Brake Fluid… D.O.T 3? 4? 5? What?

What oil does my engine use? Where do I add windshield washer solvent? Diesel exhaust fluid? 

As vehicles become increasingly technologically advanced, so do the fluids needed to keep things lubricated, running cool, smooth and comfortable. If these fluids aren't inspected and changed per factory specifications, they can cause costly and sometimes permanent damage. Why let that happen when Edgemont Auto can help? Don’t guess! Let us make sure you get the proper fluids, installed in the proper place at the proper time! 


Replace Your Filters!!!

We all know when you get an oil change a filter comes with it.  There are various components in our vehicles that require a filter service or replacement. 

Some are used to keep the vehicle running at top performance, while others keep us breathing clean, pollen free air inside the passenger compartment. 

Let Edgemont Auto keep you and your vehicles filters fresh at factory scheduled intervals. 


Rolling Along

Wheels and tires have come along way. Vehicles can now inform us when it is time to adjust the tire pressure. The warning can be a little yellow light in the shape of a tire or a big sign in your message center, love it or hate it, if you have it you must deal with it! Stop by Edgemont Auto to have your tire pressure corrected. That’s also a perfect time to have the condition of your tires checked. Let our experienced technicians examine your tires, this can give us important clues as to the condition of the vehicle’s alignment and suspension components. Check out our competitive tire prices and remember our air is always free!

General Information

Edgemont Automotive has been serving customers, businesses and farms in Delaware and Chester counties since 1985. Located at 5040 West Chester Pike in Edgemont (adjacent to the Edgemont post office). We are a family owned and operated business that employs A.S.E. certified technicians that understand that customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are proud of the reputation we have built over the years of providing honest, quality repairs at reasonable rates in a timely manner.  We provide Vehicle Service and Maintenance for individuals and have packages for fleet managers as well. Please contact us if we can help you manage your cars and trucks or learn about who we are right here.